IYEMON Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea Instant Powder

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  • CONTENTS : IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder contains 30 sachets (0.8g x 30) of powder made from Sencha green tea leaves mixed with roasted brown rice, flavoured with Matcha.
  • FLAVOUR PROFILE : Genmaicha in general has less caffeine content and offers a distinctive nutty aroma of roasted brown rice.
  • GROWN IN UJI KYOTO : IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder uses finest tea leaves produced in Uji, Kyoto, a world renowned region for high quality green tea.
  • MOST POPULAR IN JAPAN : IYEMON is one of the most well known and popular tea brands in Japan.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder may aid in digestion & weight management, provide anti-aging properties, fortify immunity, promote heart health, lower cholesterol, and facilitate detoxification.
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Ingredients : Green Tea, Rice

Form: Powder

Quantity: 30P

Country of Origin: Japan

Brand: Ujinotsuyu Seicha Corporation


Embark on a journey into the refined realm of Japanese tea culture with IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder, the pinnacle of excellence from UJInoTSUYU. This exceptional blend combines Sencha and Genmai (Roasted Brown Rice), infused with the richness of premium Uji Matcha. Genmaicha is often referred to as popcorn tea as the kernels of brown rice pop when roasted giving the tea a beautiful and distinct look. When brewed, the tea is a light golden color.

The convenience of IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder brings the savory umami of matcha and all the goodness of Japanese Genmaicha in a quick and easy cup.

UJInoTSUYU’s IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder encapsulates the essence of Japan’s heart, the Uji region in Kyoto. Uji, nestled in Kyoto, serves as the cradle of top-tier tea, surrounded by a lush natural environment and a heritage deeply intertwined with Japanese history. The Kizu and Uji rivers provide abundant moisture to the tea trees, and the encircling mountains create an optimal environment for tea cultivation. Committed to globalizing this illustrious tea tradition, UJInoTSUYU ensures the meticulous handpicking and rigorous lab-testing of IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder.

With no added preservatives or sweeteners, IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder ensures a pure and authentic tea expedition.

Immerse yourself in its versatile and delightful experience, savoring the rich and smooth umami flavor that gracefully lingers on your palate.

[Health Benefits]

Beyond its exquisite taste, IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder offers an array of health benefits. This green tea marvel may;

  • aid in digestive health
  • weight management
  • provide anti-aging properties
  • fortify immunity
  • promote heart health
  • lower cholesterol
  • facilitate detoxification
Brewing Guide

[How to prepare]

  1. Add IYEMON Genmaicha Green Tea Instant Powder into a cup.
  2. Pour 80ml of boiling water or cold water to the cup.
  3. Stir lightly. Enjoy your Genmaicha!
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1 review for IYEMON Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea Instant Powder

  1. Abhishek Gupta

    Perfect cup of Japanese green Tea

    Highly Recommended! This is very convenient and easy way to have your daily cup of perfect Japanese green tea. Great on taste and very soothing.