Matcha Hagoromo #750 Premium Japanese Green Tea 40g

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WHAT IS MATCHA: Matcha is a finely stone-ground powder made from premium green tea leaves that are carefully shade-grown.

WHY SO SPECIAL: The unique cultivation process boosts the plant’s chlorophyll levels, which attributes to Matcha’s vibrant green colour and distinct flavor profile.

TOP TEA BRAND IN JAPAN: Matcha Hagoromo is manufactured by UJInoTSUYU, one of the top green tea brands in Japan.

AUTHENTIC: Crafted from meticulously selected and handpicked leaves harvested in the esteemed Uji region, Matcha Hagoromo gives you an authentic Japanese experience.

NATURAL: Matcha Hagoromo is 100% natural, with no additives. It is naturally gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

SUPERFOOD: Matcha is believed to be a great source of Antioxidants & Amino Acids such as EGCg & L-Theanine, which aid in weight loss, promote a healthy heart, strengthen immune system, foster relaxation and enhance focus.

HOW TO MAKE: Take 1-2 tsp of Matcha and sift. Add 70ml hot water (70-80C). Whisk it. Enjoy your healthy Matcha Drink!

EASY TO USE: Other than traditional style Matcha drink, the powder can be easily blended and incorporated into a variety of ingredients. Try adding some Matcha into your latte, smoothies, protein shakes or cakes!

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Ingredients: Green Tea

Form: Powder

Net Quantity: 40g

Country of Origin: Japan

Brand: Ujinotsuyu Seicha Corporation

Indulge in the exquisite world of Japanese tea culture with Matcha Hagoromo Japanese Green Tea, directly imported from the heart of Japan.

Sourced from the renowned tea-producing region of Uji in Kyoto, Matcha Hagoromo Japanese Green Tea is a fine powdered form of a special, shade-grown variety of Japanese green tea, stone ground into a vibrant green powder. This unique cultivation process gives the Matcha its delectable flavor and distinctive color. Uji is the birthplace of high-quality tea, known for its rich natural environment and a tradition deeply rooted in Japanese history.

UJInoTSUYU, a Uji-based manufacturer and known to be one of the top green tea brands in Japan, is dedicated to spreading this rich tea tradition worldwide. Handpicked and lab-tested for exceptional quality, Matcha Hagoromo Japanese Green Tea offers a versatile and delightful experience.

Enjoy its savory, rich, and smooth umami flavor that lingers on your palate.

It contains no added preservatives or sweeteners, ensuring a pure and authentic tea experience. Elevate your tea ritual with Matcha Hagoromo and savor the taste of Japanese tradition, health, and authenticity in every sip.

[Health Benefits]

Regarded as a superfood, Matcha is rich in Antioxidants and Amino Acids, including EGCg and L-Theanine, that may contribute to:

  • Aiding in Weight Loss by accelerating metabolism
  • Promoting heart health and reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Fostering relaxation, enhancing focus, and promoting anti-aging system.
  • Purifying and detoxifying the body, while bolstering the immune system.
Additional information
Health Benefits

Regarded as a superfood, Matcha is thought to abound in antioxidants and amino acids, including EGCg and L-Theanine, which may contribute to:

1)fostering relaxation, enhancing focus, and promoting anti-aging effects.
2)purifying and detoxifying the body, while bolstering the immune system.
3)aiding in weight loss by accelerating metabolism.
4)promoting heart health and reducing cholesterol levels.

Brewing Guide

There are many ways to enjoy Matcha.

[Traditional Matcha]

  1. Take 1 tsp of Matcha and Sift.
  2. Add 70ml hot water (70-80C). You can always adjust the ratio of matcha to water depending on your preferred consistency.
  3. Whisk it with bamboo whisk or milk frother . Enjoy your healthy Matcha drink.


This premium Matcha is also perfect for various culinary uses. You can also:

  • Add Matcha to your latte
  • Stir it into smoothies or protein shakes
  • Try it in desserts such as pancakes, ice cream or cakes.
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1 review for Matcha Hagoromo #750 Premium Japanese Green Tea 40g

  1. Nobu Anand

    authentic and great taste

    As Japanese living in India, I was always looking for authentic real matcha then I found it
    Thanks to Kyoto Beverages.
    it is Japan product and there is no comparison with foreign made

    this Matcha powder has real deep green from only good quality tea leaf and so flavourful. you need to use only just a pinch whenever make any drink or dessert.
    then this price is really good for quantity
    so easy to make matcha ice cream or matcha latte
    also I have tried their IYEMON Sencha Japanese Green Tea with Matcha Tea Bag
    this is best selling green tea in Japan since when i was child so taste and quality is already proofed
    great to have as morning tea even after every meal
    Real green tea is reson of Japanese good health and calmness

    finally I dont have to carry Japanese tea all the way from Japan!