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    Sencha is the most popular green tea variety in Japan because of its refreshing taste and numerous health benefits.
    YANOEN, founded in 1836, blends tradition with innovation and strict quality control. They earned numerous prestigious awards.
    YANOEN Sencha Japanese Green Tea Bags are crafted from meticulously selected and handpicked leaves harvested in the esteemed Uji region.
    Packed with antioxidants, Sencha Japanese Green Tea aids in boosting metabolism, enhancing immunity, detoxifying the body, and promoting overall well-being.
    Sencha Japanese Green Tea Bags are 100% natural, with no additives. It is naturally gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
    Enjoy the convenience of Sencha Japanese Green Tea Bags, allowing you to savor a swift cup of Sencha Japanese Green Tea wherever and whenever you desire!
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Ingredients : Green Tea

Form: Teabags

Quantity: 15P

Country of Origin: Japan

Brand: Yanoen Corporation

Indulge in the excellence of YANOEN’s Sencha Japanese Green Tea Bags, meticulously crafted in Uji, Japan.

Sourced from the prestigious Uji region in Japan, these carefully selected leaves offer an authentic Japanese tea experience.

Renowned as Japan’s favorite green tea, Sencha delights with its refreshing taste, hue, and a well-balanced blend of aroma, umami, and mild bitterness.

YANOEN’s Sencha Japanese Green Tea Bags, with easy brewing process, ensure a consistent, delightful cup every time. Whether enjoyed piping hot to warm the soul or chilled to refresh the senses, this esteemed tea transcends seasons, making it a versatile and cherished addition to any tea collection.


[Health Benefits]

Beyond the exquisite taste, Sencha Japanese Green Tea bags may also bring you an array of health benefits.

Metabolism boost: The tea may assist in boosting metabolism, therefore aid in weight management.

Heart health: The tea contains properties that could contribute to heart health, supporting cardiovascular well-being.

Immune system support: Regular consumption of this green tea may help strengthen the immune system, providing a natural defence against illnesses.

Radiant skin: The antioxidants in the tea may contribute to maintaining beautiful skin by protecting against free radicals and promoting a healthy complexion and anti-ageing.

General well-being: With its myriad health benefits, Sencha L Japanese Green Tea Bags can contribute to overall well-being, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Additional information

Original, Robust, Sugar free, Very low


Brewing Guide

Hot Sencha

1. Place one tea bag in a cup.
2. Pour hot water (90°C).
3. Let it steep for about 1 min. Enjoy the tea!

Cold Brew Sencha

For a refreshing twist, consider exploring the world of cold brew green tea with these simple steps.
Cold brewing accentuates the delicate flavors of Sencha Japanese green tea while providing a cool, revitalizing experience. Cold brewing offers a milder and smoother taste, making it a perfect option for hot summer days or as a delightful alternative to traditional hot tea.

1. Take a clean pitcher or jar.
2. Add one tea bag per 250ml of cold, filtered water.
3. Seal the container and place it in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours or overnight for a more robust flavor.

Experiment with the brewing time to find your preferred strength, and don't forget to add ice cubes for an extra chill!

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2 reviews for Uji Sencha Premium Japanese Green Tea Bags 15p

  1. Rajshree Anand


    Highly recommend. Has a beautiful leafy flavor to it. Sometime it’s almost floral